The Pescetrulli Holiday Homes of Caterina Tognon in Puglia, Italy

Commissioned by Caterina Tognon of Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporaneo, Italian artist Gaetano Pesce worked together with architects Gabriele Pimpini and Cosimo Cardone of Studio Talent, to create a series of contemporary, artistic holiday homes for her and her husband, in pink and blue respectively. The houses, named Pescetrulli, are situated in Puglia, Italy nestled amongst secular olive trees and featuring tinted polyurethane cladding, an innovative, insulating fabrication ensuring that the houses stay cool in summer and warm in winter with very little need for electrical climate control, and can be rented out throughout the entire duration of the year. 

Every architectural feature of the individual Pescetrullo has been imagined in order to encourage the user to spend their time in the open air. The bathroom structures, where showering includes a suggestive view onto the olive trees, are encased in 6 x 6 inch mirrored tiles, reminiscent of disco balls from the ’70s, and are separate to the main structures which house the bedrooms. The outdoor shower located on the rooftop terrace of the pink Pescetrullo is situated amidst intertwining branches of rosemary, whilst the kitchen and dining areas are also located outside along with a 40-meter swimming pool. During summer guests are encouraged to make the most of the fresh seasonal vegetables available from the onsite garden and a rotating art program curated by Tognon herself is available for viewing.

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